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Secrets of Speaking English: OPIc Masterclass

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Do you dream of speaking fluent English? Do you need to score highly in speaking tests? If so, then Secrets of Speaking English: OPIc Masterclass is for you!
Award-winning teacher, trainer and TEDx speaker Wayne Finley has spent the past 10 years taking English students to heights they never thought possible. Now it's time for you to soar into the skies, too, with this exciting, new 5.5-hour course from a world-class English educator who has inspired thousands of students.

A lot of English speaking tests don't help you. You beat the test, but you don't speak great English! OPIc is different. It stands for Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer and it is growing in popularity all over the world. Some countries, like South Korea, often demand high OPIc scores for university places and jobs. It is the best test for measuring English speaking skills.

There are no shortcuts in OPIc: the only way to get a high score is to become a fluent English speaker.

This course is a masterclass in developing fluent English speaking skills:

  • Learn everything about the OPIc test

  • Describe people, places, actions and things

  • Narrate processes, stories, opinions and comparisons

  • Role play asking questions, explaining situations, persuading people and making complaints

  • Practice dozens of real questions with your smart phone

  • Download PDF resources for every skill

Don't waste any more time. Your dreams are just a click away! Enroll in Secrets of Speaking English: OPIc Masterclass now to make your English speaking dreams a reality.

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