STL - Standard Template Library And DSA Interview Questions -

STL - Standard Template Library And DSA Interview Questions




STL- Standard Template Library is a must if you want to start Data Structures and Algorithms. Some don't know about this and are at a lot of disadvantage. Start STL in C++ and you will not be scared of the complex codes, and able to understand.

In this course, we will cover everything regarding STL, which includes -

- Containers, Iterators, Functions, Algorithms,
which includes - Vector, Set, Map, String, Stack, Queue, Doubly Ended Queue, List, etc.

- Later we will discuss some of the famous interview questions to get you started, and I'll be providing proper tips and notes for next steps also. 

We will also have a Q and A sections where you can ask your doubts and I will be answering them. If I found something should is missed, I'll update the course frequently and you will be updated accordingly.

Hope you learn and enjoy!!!

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