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EFT: Easy Pain Management is in Your Hands with EFT Tapping

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EFT: Easy Pain Management is in Your Hands with EFT Tapping

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Alan has done a thorough job in designing a course with a beginner EFT student in mind who has no prior knowledge of Emotional Freedom Technique. If you are interested in diving deep in your own psyche, then the downloadable hypnotherapy sessions can help you along the way. Overall the course benefits those interested in bettering their emotional states. Whether EFT and hypnotherapy can alleviate physical pain remains to be a mystery. I have used EFT, FasterEFT and self-hypnosis to address various challenges. And sure any outside tool can help or hinder depending on the belief structure to begin with. Thanks Alan for your contribution to the course.

Bonnie David

Learn why Pain is a subjective experience and can be both acute and chronic however there are many ways of looking at a and stopping or reducing that pain experience, Here you are going to learn a technique called EFT Emotional freedom Technique I have been using for years with clients that can give amazingly fast results.

Those results can sometimes seem unbelievable and I am happy to be able to share my knowledge and experience with you here.

You are going to learn a simple to learn and apply technique that I will teach you step by step so that you will fully appreciate the Power and versatility of EFT, that you will discover can be used anywhere anytime for stopping pain. You may also experience complete cessation of pain because it was not actually a physical condition but may be connected to a past emotional event that has been causing you all that pain.I will guide you every step of the way and I have also added a hypnosis session to program your mind to stop pain. 

Bonus Downloads

1. EFT Tapping Points Instructions PDF

2. Emotional First Aid On Tap  PDF

3. Rainbow healing meditation

4. Acute and Chronic Pain relief Hypnosis

5. Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

6. Getting a painless tattoo Hypnosis

7. Power Nap Hypnosis

8. Sleep Deeply Each night Hypnosis

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