The complete Vue.js and MongoDB Course 2020 -

The complete Vue.js and MongoDB Course 2020




Vue.js is growing fast in popularity and use. This course will teach you to build business applications using the VENoM stack, which includes Vue.js, Express.js, Node and MongoDB with Mongoose.

There are a number of solid Javascript frameworks with which to build business level web applications upon, but which one is right for you? In this course, Building Business Applications with Vue.js and MongoDB, you will learn how to use a framework that is growing fast in popularity and use, Vue.js, to build business applications. First, you will explore how to review design meeting notes for a fictitious company that has requested an MVP application. Next, you will learn how to build the foundation for this application, starting with MongoDB and Mongoose.js, as well as using Express.js for the API server. Finally, you will discover how to utilize various supporting libraries, such as Vuetify for UI design and Vuex for state management. When you are finished with this course, you will have a good working knowledge of and foundation for building business applications with Vue.js, Express.js, Node, and MongoDB, also known as the VENoM stack.

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