The Joy of Singing, Learn from a Master in Opera Singing -

The Joy of Singing, Learn from a Master in Opera Singing




In this course, You'll learn the basics of singing, its concepts, and techniques to improve your voice. We are going to address the concepts related to the resonators and the different sections of the voice. You will get to understand the concepts of breathing, support, and alignment of the body and why these concepts are vital for singing. We will know the voice's classifications and we will find out where your voice is classified!

In this course you will learn:

  • Understand our body as a whole instrument

  • Explore the voice resonators

  • How to breathe for singing,

  • Support of the  Voice,

  • how to find your Head voice

  • Create a mixed voice.

  • How to warm-up

  • Techniques to improve your singing

 You'll get to know a fundamental part of the singing technique with simple and effective techniques. You will find videos with scales classified by low and high voices. With these scales you will be able to practice anytime you need according to your type of voice.

At the end of this class, you will be able to know how to warm-up your voice, you will recognize the feelings in the different sections of your voice. You will gain flexibility and endurance every time you practice. You will be able to use these exercises to warm-up whenever you need it.

This course is aimed at people who feel the passion for singing who want to sing no matter what kind of music, opera, pop, blues, jazz. We will discover the core of the singing technique in a very easy way! Even if you’re new singing you’ll find these simple and effective techniques easy to use and apply to your voice!

Let's get started!!

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