The Little Things Do Matter -

The Little Things Do Matter

Personal Development



Course Outline:

Module #1: Welcome to the Course

  1. Introduction

  2. Course Overview (Article)

  3. How to Make The Most of the Course

Module #2: Power of a Mini Habit

  1. What is a Mini Habit?

  2. Why You Need Mini Habits In Your Life

  3. Progress NOT Perfection

Module #3: Setting Yourself Up For Success

  1. The Brainstorm

    1. Isn’t It Crazy Awesome That I Am…(resource)

    2. The Habit Awareness Exercise (resource)

  2. The Mini Habit Road map and Blueprint to Success

    1. The Master Habit

  3. Creating Good Habits Cheat Sheet

Module #4: Achieving Your Goals

  1. Words Matter

  2. The Planner

  3. Optimizing Your To Do List

Module #5: What You Do Matters

  1. Put Your Blinders On

  2. The 1% Rule

  3. Time Frames

Module #6: Staying Motivated

  1. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

  2. Action, Action, Action

  3. Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Module #8: Wrap Up and Bonus

  1. Conclusion

  2. What You’ve Learned

  3. Special Bonus

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