The NICHE Method: Turn What You Know Into a Book That Sells -

The NICHE Method: Turn What You Know Into a Book That Sells

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Now is an amazing time to be a non-fiction writer! This course will teach you how to take your book idea and get it focused into a niche manuscript that will serve as a passive form of income for you and an elevated business card for your business or brand.

The easy to follow NICHE Method will take you through the five steps of creating a bestselling niche book:

1. Learn to narrow your topic by focusing not on what you know, but on what you can teach.

2. Learn to identify your audience by focusing on your ideal reader. Decide how they best consume information, and present your information in ways that they will find the most appealing.

3. Learn to create with abandon by using the outline you've created and getting your content down with ease. This step is so easy once you've done the first two steps!

4. Learn to hire out the publishing process so you can have a book you're proud to stand behind. There are many different publishing options nowadays- choose the right one for YOU.

5. Learn to enjoy the marketing process and create a long-term career as a writer!

As an author, ghostwriter, and founder of Evergreen Authors, an online school helping authors figure out how to get their work out into the world, I have developed an easy, step by step process that will take you from feeling overwhelmed at the process of writing a book to feeling focused and successful in your writer journey.

Learn to write your book the easy way with the NICHE Method!

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