The SECRET to Teaching Adults -

The SECRET to Teaching Adults

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Give me an hour and I'll show you the secret to teaching adults like a pro!

Do you want your students to recall 90% of what they learned from you?

If so THIS is for YOU.

Think about the times you've been in a class or training and done the yawn dance because you were BORED out of your MIND! Don't let that happen to your students.

It doesn’t HAVE to be like that. Not at all.

The sad thing is just because someone is an expert on a particular topic DOES NOT mean that they KNOW how to teach it.

I am thrilled to share with you the secret weapon you NEED to totally crush teaching adults. Let’s face it the adult learner is a hard nut to crack.

  • Some have attitudes.

  • Some don’t want to participate.

  • Some are bright eyed and bushy tailed.

And it is up to you to somehow reach each one of them. But HOW?

Once you are versed in the three learning styles and know how to leverage them when you create your course, you will be on your way to going above and beyond what most people do.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now if you are committed to doing everything you possibility can to ensure your students learn from you then this is totally the RIGHT COURSE for YOU.

  • If you have never taught and are totally terrified of what to do, this is for you.

  • If you have taught but it went over more like a led balloon, then stick around.

  • If you just don’t give a flying nut whether your students learn, then click away now.

For those of you who are here, I know that you have in your heart the desire to do everything possible to make sure your students have a fantastic learning experience and come back for MORE.

Learning HOW to teach adults in a way that works for them isn’t all that mysterious. It’s just something most people do not learn about because who they learn from don’t know about it.

You see, I have a MS in instructional design and technology. I’ve taught every single age level there is and I’ve designed hundreds of courses as professional instructional designer.

Because I went to graduate school and invested in myself over the years to continue to grow my knowledge, I can help you so that you can ultimately help your students learn.

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING?

Here’s my favorite quote when it comes to teaching, and I refer to it in THIS COURSE.

  • I hear and I forget.

  • I see and I remember.

  • I DO and I understand. – Confucius

This is KEY to adult learning. It is about the DOING. It is about the VARIETY. It is about what your audience brings to the learning environment.

Let me show you how to leverage all of that so that you can reach your audience in a way that they will fall in love with you and want to keep learning from you!

Teaching is an art and a science. This course provides a comprehensive means to unlock the mystery of how to connect with the adult learner.

In this course:

  • I help you BANISH the fear you have when it comes to teaching adults.

  • I walk you through the process and along the way stop to provide you an opportunity to reflect and apply what you are learning

  • You will be ARMED with how to have a 90% RETENTION RATE of the concepts you teach

  • I PREPARE you to be able to select options that are right for online learning to INCREASE engagement and interaction

  • You will have a clear idea of the types of ACTIVITIES to weave into your course creation

AND you have the opportunity to APPLY IT RIGHT AWAY in the Capstone Exercise by completing a thought provoking worksheet aligned to whatever you desire to teach.

PLUS you will have my eBook that explains instructional strategies to you.

DO NOT put off learning how to use effective teaching strategies for the adult learner any longer!

I look forward to you being a part of this course.

Massive amounts of love and tons of hugs - Alanda

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