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TigerGraph is revolutionizing the world of Analytics by democratizing the power of Graph Analytics, providing a SQL-style language and no-code visual platform in order to significantly reduce the learning curve for newcomers. TigerGraph is being adopted by Fortune 100 companies such as Intuit and UnitedHealth Group, as well as government agencies such as the county of Santa Clara in the US and the Chinese Government.

Combine that with fantastic ease of use, its native parallel graph design and massively parallel processing capabilities and you’ll see TigerGraph is well positioned as a Graph Analytics leader. It’s no surprise that in 2020, Gartner named TigerGraph a cool analytics vendor. TigerGraph even played a critical role supporting governments, public sector and research institutions analyzing COVID-19 data at a massive scale.

Learn to use TigerGraph to perform advanced Graph Analytics

· Master the essential Graph Principles and TigerGraph capabilities

· Discover code and no-code solutions to Graph Exploration

· Learn to migrate data from a relational database

· Complete an end-to-end solution, from graph design, creation, data loading, visual exploration and querying

Find Out Why Graph Analytics is the Future

Graph Analytics isn’t just another way of storing and managing your data. It’s completely centered around exploring hidden relationships in massive datasets. Graph analytics power real-time recommendation systems, targeted advertising and fraud detection.

When it comes to exploring relationships between entities, there’s no better alternative than graph analytics. TigerGraph’s native graph storage support query speeds faster than possible with traditional databases. It’s intuitive graph schema principles helps you think about data relationships naturally. Thanks to TigerGraph’s architecture, you can perform deep link analyses to uncover insightful events that you may never have found otherwise.

Stay Ahead

You want to learn a tool that’s ready for big data and real-time analytics. TigerGraph’s architecture allows for phenomenal speeds, with load times up to as much 58 times faster than other graph database vendors and data compression up to 10x. Combine that with the ability to easily scale up and out and it becomes clear why TigerGraph is an industry leader.

Get the TigerGraph Certified Associate Certification

Show off your new Graph Analytics skill and use this course as a foundation for your TigerGraph certification exam preparation. We’ll walk you through the certification process in this course and have included content that will help you prepare for successfully passing the exam.

Contents and Overview

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced Graph analyst with experience using other Graph technologies, you will find this course valuable thanks to its step-by-step instructions and hands-on exercises:

  • Run TigerGraph on Your Computer: This course comes with a specially prepared TigerGraph image that you can run on your PC or Mac, so you can get hands-on during and after the course.

  • Graph Analytics from A to Z: We’ll walk you through graph foundations, TigerGraph installation, the preparation for creating a new graph, creating a graph, putting together a data loading pipeline, visually exploring and querying your data.

  • Test Your Knowledge: Periodic quizzes will help you assess your understanding of key concepts and support you in your journey to the TigerGraph Associate Certification exam.

After completing this course, you will be understand how to set up TigerGraph, migrate any existing data you may have, create a schema to suit your data, and build a graph that you and your colleagues can use to perform Graph Analytics at scale.

What You’ll Learn

  • Master TigerGraph to perform Graph Analytics from start to end

  • Get started with the GSQL query language

  • Explore Graphs visually and identify relationships in your data

  • Build advanced queries using the no-code visual query builder

  • Be a professional analyst who can build advanced insights

  • Prepare for the official TigerGraph certification exam

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No prior experience with Graph is required

  • Basic knowledge of data management and SQL is beneficial, but not essential

  • A modern PC or Mac and an internet connection

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone new to Graph Analytics or TigerGraph

  • This course is perfect for Data Engineers

  • This course is perfect for Business Intelligence Analysts

  • This course is perfect for anyone wanting to begin Graph Analytics

  • This course requires no prior Graph experience

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