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Understand Mental Illness

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Understand Mental Illness - Recognise and Take Action

Does Mental Illness seem like a maze to you?

Do you want to be able to offer support to someone you know who may have Mental Illness?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be more prone to Mental Illness than others?

Do you want to find professional help but are not quite sure who to go to?

Want to learn how to stay as well as possible?

If you answered 'YES' to all five or even just one of the questions above, this course can give you some answers and point you in the right direction.

One more question: Did you know that strange actions may not necessarily indicate Mental Illness? Why does it seem so complicated? There are so many sources of information that you may be trying to piece together to understand Mental Illness. This can be confusing.

Maintaining a good quality of life, is linked to making the best use of the professional help that is available and being aware of the triggers for Mental Illness, and of the complications that could arise. Why? Because you need to reduce the likelihood of becoming impaired by Mental Illness and focus on the factors that promote recovery. This course will equip you with the foundations for the right approach.

In this course, you will learn to be able to:

  • Recognise symptoms that may indicate Mental Illness
  • Understand the causes
  • Know what treatments are available
  • Know the complications and risks
  • Support a person who has Mental Illness

Whether you are a person who may have experienced Mental Illness or know someone who may have, in this course you will find the practical information you need.

What this course contains

The curriculum covers 7 modules, each containing lectures in video and/or text format, with supplementary printable sheets. I take you through each, in a clear manner, giving you practical and immediately applicable content.

Understand Mental Illness

So…get started. On completion of this course on Mental Illness, you will be able to identify symptoms that will prompt seeking of professional help and know where to get it, understand who can affected, know the associated risks, and how to increase the likelihood of staying well, starting from today.

Sign up today and understand Mental Illness.

As I say, “For a Safe Today and a Sound Tomorrow.”

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