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Understanding Logical Fallacies - The Basics

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Understanding Logical Fallacies - The Basics

Logic is correct reasoning.

Logic is the process by which statements are supported with adequate proof by being tested against the right amount and kind of evidence.

Logical fallacies are flaws in reasoning.

Based on poor or faulty logic.

There are many different kinds of fallacies and knowing them all by name will  help you recognize when an argument doesn't make sense.

It is worth knowing the most common fallacies so that you can check for and avoid them in your arguments.

Why should you avoid logical fallacies? 

Simply put, by using fallacious logic, you discredit yourself and weaken your own argument.

And ...

Fallacious reasoning keeps us from knowing the truth.

The inability to think critically makes us vulnerable to manipulation and opens us up to making bad decisions based in bad reasoning.

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