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Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business




The course on Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business is part of the Lean for Business Organizations program which includes the following 6 sections:

1. Introduction to Lean for Service and Manufacturing,

2. Using Lean for Perfection and Quality,

3. Lean Tools and Techniques for Flow and Pull,

4. Reducing Waste and Streamlining Value Flow Using Lean,

5. Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business, and

6. Applying Lean in Service and Manufacturing Organizations

Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business

Suppose on your first day of work, your boss tells you too many defects have crept into the company's product. She then asks for your input on how to solve the problem. But without knowing how the company's current processes work, it's unlikely you'll have useful suggestions. To improve processes, you first need to understand them.

To understand how something works, you need to observe it, noting how it fits into a larger pattern.

Creating a visual representation of the material and information flow that leads to the creation of a product or service can help. This is called value stream mapping.

With a value stream map, you can search for flaws, work out why problems exist, and plan how to eliminate them.

This course on Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business teaches you how to use value stream mapping as a tool for improving an organization's processes and making them more efficient. You'll learn how to create a current-state value stream map, analyze the current state, and then create a future-state map.

Create a current-state map

The course provides an overview of the steps involved in creating a current-state map and of the symbols typically used in this type of map.

Analyze current state

The current-state map provides a big-picture view of a targeted process. This makes it easier to identify where waste is occurring and why.

Create a future-state map

You'll learn how to create a future-state value stream map. This involves searching for and then recording opportunities to balance the production line, create pull, and eliminate sources of waste.

In this course, you'll learn how value stream mapping can be used, in both manufacturing and service industries. It will prove a valuable tool you can use to improve efficiency and eliminate waste, ultimately boosting both customer satisfaction and an organization's profits.

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