Website and Landing Page Personalization Course 2020 -

Website and Landing Page Personalization Course 2020




In this course you will learn how to create Website and Landing Page Personalization using Google Optimize in order to increase your Conversion Rate and provide awesome user experience. In this course we will be covering

1. Introduction to Website Personalization

2. Introduction to Google Optimize

3. Different Types of experiments  you can run in Google Optimize

4. Creating your Google Optimize Account

5. Google Optimize Interface Overview

6. Google Optimize Account Structure

7. Connecting Google Optimize with Google Analytics

8. Adding Google Optimize tag to your website

9. Adding Google Optimize Chrome Extension

10. Creating Personalization Experience in Google Optimize

11. Website Personalization based on Technology and Device Category

12. Adding or Combining Multiple Targeting Rules

13. Personalizing Website Experience for New Visitors

14. Website Personalization for a referring Source

15. Personalization Experience Reporting

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