Winning Your Internal Battles to Get Funded -

Winning Your Internal Battles to Get Funded




Raising funds can be daunting, and for millions of people it is impossible to overcome their fears to get the funds they need. This course is specifically designed to get rid of mental blocks that prevent you from feeling secure and in control. If you feel stuck, want to eliminate or reduce insecurities and self-doubt, then this is the course for you.

This mini course was created after painfully watching thousands of entrepreneurs and CEOs feeling disempowered during their pitch deck, and has been perfected through my observations of thousands of participants in other courses.

Raising funds is not a "fake it 'till you make it" situation, you need to be authentic and confident. In these first steps, I will show you the tricks that have helped thousands of others feel comfortable and able to have a fundraising conversation… authentically.

Now on Udemy, this very short program gives you the tools to be uplifted, focused and resilient, to have a professional, connecting, and comfortable conversation.

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