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Writing | Writing a Science Fiction Novel for Beginners

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Hello Writer!

Welcome to the course where I show you how to write an in-depth, enjoyable science fiction novel that will keep your readers interested. Don't make the same mistakes that so many novice authors make and create a science fiction novel that can challenge those of successful authors!

My name is Matthew Dewey and I am a writer. It is hard to say when my passion for writing began, but if I can recall it all started back in primary school. A small, pale child with not much to say, but plenty to write, or in most cases scribble, across a page. From there writing became a hobby, moving on to become a part-time job writing articles on various subjects from technology to programming. Suddenly, the spark was ignited and I wrote my first novel. From there I was hooked onto something that was akin to a calling.

Enough monologue, it is time to tell you what this course is worth to you. First, That being said, this course was created with the express intention to teach the fundamentals of writing a science fiction novel. In my rising through the writing world I found that information was handed freely, but not with enough dedication and forethought. The advice lacking and the examples poor. I decided to push through and after several years developed my own toolkit that is simple and multipurpose. The first and most important lesson I learned was how not to write a science fiction novel. From there I experimented and found out what you should to.

In addition to the research, I also write from experience, having written several science fiction stories and articles on the subject as well.

I will show you how to:

  • Create better science fiction worlds

  • Establish plot structure

  • Describe advanced technology

  • Describe creatures and aliens

  • Develop a plot based on the may science fiction tropes

  • Write popular science fiction characters

  • Develop an ending worthy of science fiction

  • AND many tips and advice to add to your writing arsenal!

Welcome to the Writing a Science Fiction Novel for Beginners Course! I will show what you need to know to develop an interesting Science Fiction novel and take it from boring to exciting!

"Writing is a powerful form of art, but it is the reader's imagination that is the canvas, not the page."

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